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Commercial & Municipal Hardscape  - SE and Northern Michigan

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           Hardscape is installing  man-made or natural stone, block, or brick pavers that provide a beautiful accent to buildings, homes, and landscapes. Hardscapes can be installed as a unique walkway, stairway, patio and much more! The Dalco team uses your personal needs, ideas, and budget to create a unique design and construction of your hardscape project. 

Retaining Walls

March - November

Can be used as a decorative accent to your landscape or installed to retain soil. Fully customizable design offering many different styles, colors, and shapes.

Brick Paving

March - November

Brick paver walkways, gathering areas, or vehicular drives bring a high class appearance with providing longevity out lasting concrete or asphalt by 25 years+ 

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Lake & Pond Shoreline Erosion

March - November

Ponds and Lakes with out sea-walls or hardgoods along the shoreline over time will cause major erosion issues. Whether you have a new or existing lake or pond, Dalco offers boulder and ledge rock walls, and inlays to prevent any future or existing damage.

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