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Commercial & Municipal Landscape Construction       - SE and Northern Michigan

             The exterior of your complex, building or business is the first thing that is noticed and admired. We understand that your exterior appearance  needs to be designed accurately to balance a great appearance and meet your budget.  Our landscape design staff will work with you one on one to create a beautiful landscape custom to you.  We execute each design with extensive thought and understanding  that you as a  customer have different tastes and living styles then others. Whether you are in need of a new landscape design, landscape installation, or landscape renovation, Dalco Services’ team is ready to exceed your expectations.

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Landscape Design

Year Round


Whether you know exactly what you want in your landscape, or if you need our professionals to design it for you, we can put your design on paper and bring your landscape to life! Currently offering 2D & 3D renderings.

Landscape Construction



New installations and renovations including plantings, grading, soil applications, backfilling, and excavation




Providing trenching and excavation for electrical, gas, road ways, basements, and building pads

Erosion Control



Providing dry seed and straw mat applications to areas that need to be restored along roadways, ponds, lakes, and disturbed ground.

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Sod Installation

March - October

Sod installation is available to new developments, as well as replacing old sod or damaged sod. Offering topsoil or peat based Kentucky blue grass.


April - October


Hydro-Seeding is the application of a mix of grass seed, tack, fertilizer, and mulch combined with water.  Available to new developments with dirt lots or restorations. 

Hydroseeded Field in the Springtime.jpg

April - October


Supply and application of water to newer plantings, and turf areas with out irrigation or during establishment periods. 

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